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Now that the Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) are in widespread use, the fleet owners are confused
which ones to choose. While there are many brands projecting their products, what makes TXT
different from the standard ELD and your ideal partner is our expertise in designing gilt-edge
solutions for your fleet.

We keep our customers ahead of us. The TXT ELD Application has been designed thoughtfully to reduce
additional work of drivers in filling up the records. It is easy to use and complies with the ELD
mandate requirements.

The major purpose of implementing ELD was to cut down on paperwork, which aims to reduce driver
fatigue and helps in monitoring the location of the truck and the driver.

When the proposal was approved, the entire fleet industry witnessed a massive uproar,
many believing that this could be the end of the industry. After using ELDs for a few months,
the fleet operators and drivers had pointed out several issues. These issues include quality of
services, dropped Bluetooth connections, failure during roadside inspections, poor technical support
etc. resulting in interrupted hours of service records.

In addition to this, another major hurdle the drivers are facing is the privacy of data because of
their use of personal cell phone.

TXT E Solutions Inc provides the ELD which is compliant and most suitable for the fleet company.

Let us tell you why you should upgrade to TXT ELD and avoid
the problems:

• Single in-Vehicle Embedded Device

TXT ELD does not require any additional equipment or data cost. All you need to do is plug and play
with the features that aims to make your experience worth remembering. The dataflow does not depend
on Bluetooth or any Wi-Fi hotspot. This enables the driver to un-dock the ELD display unit during
inspection while staying connected, which helps in ensuring accurate and uninterrupted dataflow.

• Privacy

When ELD was made a mandate, drivers had pointed out privacy issue. What makes us different is that
we respect data privacy. The drivers do not have to use their personal cell phones. With TXT ELD
data is not shared as data access is login based and digital signature is required for
authentication process.

• Pay as per your usage & Stay connected

The data plan comes as a part of the TXT ELD bundle, so you don’t have to pay any extra or hidden
charges. You pay as per your usage. The TXT ELD has in-built network connections, which co-ordinates
with the satellite and ensures that there is no disruption in network even in remote areas.

• Subscribe as per your own convenience

We do not offer contract that binds you on a long-term basis. Our module is simple. We have monthly
based subscription at affordable prices. You can try out for a month and if you enjoy our services
only then you can decide to continue with your subscription. We have three different modules based
on your requirement and budget.

• Check on the Support team

TXT provides Multi-Language (English, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, and many more) technical support team
for 24 hours around 365 days. To help the customers navigate in case, they get stuck in getting
their fleet up and running. Even if you speak a different language, our team is always at your
disposal. TXT team understands the importance of providing the hands-on service and support the
customer’s need.

Start now by contacting TXT. Subscribe with one of our plans for a month and experience
uninterrupted service. You will not get disappointed; we can vouch it for you.

you’re interested in learning more please, call 1-905-362-1716 or e-mail us at TXT
offers a 24/7 multi-language technical support team that is always available to help you.

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