Switch Now From Your ELD Phone Apps Else Face the Bug


The ELD Regulations rollout has passed several months, and the market streamed up with a wide range of ELD offerings to choose from for the Fleet Operators. The most sorted option is the one, which requires adding an ELD App to a smartphone or tablet, which is “Bring Your Own Device” BYOD Solution.

As per the ELD Rule, the Hours of Service (HOS) Data must be Logged Electronically, and able to transfer to the Enforcement Officer’s system either through Wireless Communication (Wireless Web Services or e-mail) or local transfer (USB or Bluetooth), this Device complies with the Mandate.

The ELD App is also a Low-Cost option, and many Fleet Operators have adopted this ELD. The usage of this Technology soon led the Fleet owners to understand that this cannot meet the rigorous needs of Truckers as they started facing interruptions on the road. The high percentage of the Fleet Owners using this Wireless ELD Device reported that Drivers are having connection failures in the field.

The ELD on the phone App was an easy solution for the Fleet Owners but had a massive issue in unremitting Data Capture and Reliability when the Vehicle on the move.

The connection drop caused by various reasons like phone calls made, run other Apps at the same time or playing music via Bluetooth. Another problem that surfaced is overheating of the phone battery. The Device uses constant GPS Tracking, which takes a lot of power from the phone resulting in phone turn off and the abrupt end of the HOS Record. These problems are leading to much Larger Compliance issues of missing Records and incorrect HOS Records. A lot of Drivers are irked to hand their phone to DOT Officer during the inspection of HOS Records as they feel its equivalent to giving their Data to a stranger. The Damage of your phone will also cause the loss of Data and compromise on the HOS Record and is another weak point of this Solution.

The question arises whether the ELD Technology relying on a single Bluetooth Connection to communicate between the ECM and the tablet or smartphone in the Truck with the possibility of connection break is compliant as per the Mandate.

Which ELD Solution will Comply?

Necessarily there are ELD Solutions that are Hardwired and directly connected to the ECM Unit of the Vehicle. There are very few enterprising IT Companies who are providing this Device today. In this Technology, as the ELD tablet is a direct connection to the ECM gives the flexibility to the Driver to un-dock the ELD display tablet and leave the Truck all while staying connected to the ECM. When the Driver returns, they merely re-dock, and the ELD and ECM will synchronize.

This Solution picks up Data from the engine and along with the Driver’s Application Data, Generate Accurate Records on Vehicle Motions, HOS, Location Information, Driving Pattern, Duty Status, System Malfunctions, etc. which is Reliable. The ELD Data gets Recorded in this Solution without discontinuity as it starts working with the Engine Turn On.

The Crucial factor in the Fleet Industry, for the Drivers, is to keep their Vehicle On-Road as more miles means more money. So, the Fleet Owners will always look for a Device that will not bring citation from the Regulatory Authority for ELD not working or error in the HOS Record.

The best part of this Device is it delivers Accurate Data so conformable with the Mandate. The Hardwired Solution also offers Continuous Battery charging to the tablet in the ELD pair, and it comes with sturdy Hardware that built for extreme weather conditions. Drivers don’t have to use their phones or Device for any purpose. This ELD Device offers ways to transfer the log to the DOT Officer and help eliminate the possibility of painfully Long Inspection stops.

The Hardwired ELD Solutions are perceived Highly Priced Solutions in the market, but when you evaluate the benefits, the total package comes as value for money.

So, plan now for the switch and keep the Fleet Operation ahead of the curve, avoiding chances of litigation hassle and expenses when the Industry inevitably is going to make the switch in droves.

TXT ELD Solution is hardwired directly connected to Vehicle ECM and is FMCSA Compliant. TXT ELD is the Most Dependable, Durable, and Accurate System available in the market. If you’re interested in learning more about how TXT ELDs Benefits Businesses far beyond Compliance alone, call 1-905-362- 1716 or e-mail us at sales@txtesolutions.com. Our 24/7 Customer Support team is always available to help you.


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