Use TXT Application to reduce burden of Fleet Managers


TXT Application has been designed keeping the fleet managers and drivers in mind. It is a user-friendly integrated platform aimed at reducing the burden of fleet managers. With the help of TXT Application, one can access the records and its progress and the application fulfills and complies to the regulations.

It aims to improve the productivity of asset, drivers and the fleet companies. The software is visually appealing, easy to use and has amazing features and tools to help the smooth day-to-day fleet operation.

The drivers can update duty status, capture daily log, pre-trip inspection, access maps, coordinate dispatches and much more with the help of this integrated platform.


Single Widget Display Layout

All Primarily Functions Are On The Same Screen And Just A Click Away

Intuitive Reporting

Access To Numerous Standard And Customized Reports To Improve Day-To-Day Fleet Operations

Intelligent Search

Fleet Managers Can Check Status Vehicle-Wise, Driver-Wise And Duty-Status Wise To Find The Details Immediately

Easy-To-Use Reports

Schedule Customizable Daily, Weekly, Or Monthly Fleet Activity Reports On The Dashboard Or Email Notification.

Data Categorization

Organize Your Data Driver-Wise, Vehicle-Wise, Etc. As Per Your Operation Details.

Advanced Mapping

Easy And Quick Set Up Of Geofences Possible With Two Clicks And Find Nearby Vehicles In A Location Preference.

Open And Scalable

The Addition Of Resources Including Asset And Drivers Possible At Any Scale Suitable For Single, Small, Medium And Large Fleet Operators.

Live And Historical Reporting

Get Real-Time And Historical Insights On The Vehicle Movement Driver Wise, Vehicle-Wise, And Many More.

Real-Time Alerts

Set Alerts For Critical Operations Like Harsh Driving, Violation Of HOS, Speeding, Idling, Maintenance Schedule, Vehicle Faults, And Many More.

Seamless Integration

Smooth Integration Of Hardware Devices And Backend Data To Provide Consistent Dataflow For Fleet Operations.


Monitor Compliance

It Helps To Comply With The Regulation On HOS, Duty Status, Driver’s Behavior, Etc. Through The Administering Features On Each Of The Aspects.

Enhance Safety

The Fleet Companies Can Monitor Over Speeding, Harsh Driving, Improve Fuel Efficiency. The Device Also Plays An Important Role In Preventing Crash Rates And Meets Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Prevents Violations

TXT ELD Empowers The Drivers To Provide Accurate Records Of Hours Of Services (HOS), Which Prevents You From Facing Any Kind Of Legal Hassle

Improve Dispatch Schedule

Visibility Of The Drivers Allows Utilizing Them Best By Improving On The Dispatch Schedules Like Quick Assignments Of A New One As Soon As The Driver Completes The Current One.

Create Navigation Record

Keeps Detailed Summary Of Drivers And Asset Locations And Helps In Rapid Decision-Making Process For Better And Faster Route Possibilities.

Streamline The Workflow

Keep The Drivers, Assets, And The Fleet Managers In Sync With Their Workflow For Day-To-Day Fleet Operations.

TXT E Solutions Inc has come up with a new TXT Executive Dashboard mobile application to ease off the pressure of fleet managers and allow them to access to their dashboard from anywhere and anytime.

TXT Executive Dashboard App helps you to keep an eye on your fleet from your phone. Now available in both Android and iOS.

Key Features:

  • Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Elog Reports

Download here:

TXT ELD Application is now available in both English and Spanish language.

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