Say goodbye to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hassle. Ride your truck with TXT ELD!

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We are living in a digital era, where Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) are taking over the fleet
industry. What may have started as a regulatory burden has now turned into a fantastic tool to
improve your day-to-day fleet operations. Amid all this, TXT ELD is redefining the market standards
by providing maximum features at a reasonable price.

You look around and you will find a lot of cellular-based ELDs, which is dependent on either
Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Now it’s time to say goodbye to those devices.

Breaking the barriers, we have TXT ELD for you, a hardwired ELD which does not require mobile data,
Wi-Fi hotspots of Bluetooth connection. It is a hassle-free device saving you from the network drop
issues. It uses satellite technology and works on in-built internet to record accurate data. Now
truckers don’t have to worry about running out of data or operating in remote areas. And all this at
a reasonable price without any hidden costs or additional charges.

TXT ELD connects with the vehicle Engine Control Module unit, which records and store data of Hours
of Services (HOS), monitors system faults, navigation for commercial truck routes, enables owners to
track their fleet with in-built GPS and Geo-Fencing features along with customized alerts and
notifications. Say goodbye to violations and improve your CSA score with the help of TXT ELD.

When ELD became a mandate, initially the drivers had to connect the device with their phone, which
also raised the issue of compromising with privacy along with other technical issues like low
battery, poor connectivity and data issue.

Understanding the issues of truck drivers and fleet owners, we came up with TXT ELD, which not only
eliminates all the hassle but is also 100% FMCSA compliant.

The engine data along with the updated duty status report can form a steady data flow. In this case,
the data flow does not depend on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hotspots.

The in-built network connection starts working with the engine movement and continues to record data
until the vehicle is on the move.
This eliminates any scope of interruption in dataflow or connection drop.

TXT ELD is user-friendly when the driver needs to un-dock it from the engine to show records to DOT
officers during an inspection. Not only it provides accurate and reliable data but also it enables
the Backoffice to monitor and understand the gaps to enhance their productivity.

It covers seamless coverage of USA, Canada and Mexico maps and allows customizable display. The
device is visually stunning, scratch-resistant, weatherproof, waterproof and incredibly sturdy.

TXT ELD features:

  • Error-free Updated Log
  • Captures Detailed HOS Log
  • Save from Hefty Fines for Irregular Logs
  • Provides Driving Hours Over the Driver’s Daily Allowances
  • Easily Transferable Log Report to Enforcement officers on Requirements
  • Monitor Driver Behaviour including Fatigued Driving, Rash Driving, Hard Brakes, etc

Get TXT ELD today!

Write to us or call us. The deadline is approaching. TXT offers a 24/7 Multi-Language technical
support team that is always available to help you.



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