Learn how TXT ELD is helping in keeping roads safe

keeping roads safe

There is a conception that TXT ELD helps in keeping a record of Hours of Services (HOS) only. However, this is just the tip of an iceberg. TXT ELD helps in keeping the road safe for both drivers and people.

As per a study done by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 25% of the total road mishaps happen due to over speeding. In this article, we are going to talk about how TXT ELD can help in curbing the road fatalities and keeping your fleet safe.

There are amazing features which this device has, it can capture the details of over speeding and push notification to both the driver and the fleet manager. This helps for drivers to understand and drive at the permitted speed.


  • Detects accidents
  • Detects Over Speeding
  • Tracks driving pattern
  • Monitors Unsafe Driving
  • Prevent Legal Hassle
  • Live GPS Tracking

It reduces the hours of services (HOS) violations, identifies unsafe driving patterns, caters to requirements of drivers and fleet owners and prevents road accidents. TXT ELD helps in cutting down high expenses, prevents legal hassles and saves time.

TXT ELD generates alerts , which gives them insights on the driving progress like late start, early arrivals, on-time, reckless driving, unnecessary fuel consumption and unproductive idling. It also helps the fleet owners to rectify details on over speeding, braking patterns, sharp corner turns, harsh accelerations etc.

It generates automated alerts ahead of any system malfunction. It helps the drivers and fleet managers to save time and avoid any hassle.

Tracking of fleet ensures proper visibility of every asset in your fleet and in case of emergency, fleet managers can immediately reach out for help. TXT ELD offers real-time GPS Tracking for your fleet and commercial truck route navigation.

TXT ELD offers a complete range of driver performance data, which can be stored securely and managed online. This information helps in generating a scorecard for them. The driver’s scorecard aims to also improve the carrier’s CSA score as it is dependent on driver’s proficiency. These scores help the fleet managers to track the progress of individual drivers.

Use TXT ELD For A Safer And Better Tomorrow. TXT ELD Application is now available in both English and Spanish language.

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