Inspect your vehicle’s engine with TXT ELD to stay ahead



The primary concern of any transport company is to maintain the fleet’s engine to reduce the risk of delays and break down. Now you can customize your alerts for a better understanding of your vehicle engine with TXT Electronic Logging Device (ELD).

Fleet managers can customize the alerts to minimize wear and tear of vehicle’s Engine Control Module unit. Any ELD is available at a cost of around $800 or more with a contract binding you for at least 3-5 years in the market while our product TXT ELD is available for only $399. That saves you 50% along with No Contract and follows Pay as you go model!

TXT ELD is a hardwired device, which pushes notifications for any kind of system fault and warns you. It will not only save you time but also helps you to improve your services and ensure the safety of drivers and your fleet.
It automatically monitors odometer readings, fault codes through its direct connection to on-board vehicle diagnostics and flag alerts.


Alerts on vehicle health generate a diagnostic report which helps fleet managers to plan maintenance accordingly and reduce downtime.

The record of every detail of the vehicle generates a comprehensive report which provides alerts on the fleet maintenance schedules.

The alerts open the scope of planning of the dispatches minimizing the risk for delays and break downs.

The Vehicle Inspection and Pre-trip Inspection form is designed well and ensures regulatory compliance.

TXT ELD automatically tracks the duty-status of driving, not driving sleeper berth etc. and helps the Backoffice to keep a check on their fleet.

It keeps a track of refuelling status and pushes notifications to save time.
TXT ELD module can transfer records directly collected from the Engine Control Module (ECM) unit of a carrier.

The engine data, along with the updated duty status report, can form a steady data flow. TXT ELD records any data on vehicle movement directly from the ECM unit through its in-built data network connections.

The TXT ELD Application is designed thoughtfully keeping in mind the driver’s ease in filling up the records. It helps you to stay Compliant as per the ELD Mandate requirements.

TXT ELD aims to make the life of fleet owners and drivers much easier and help them to increase productivity by many manifolds. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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