How TXT ELD can handle stressful situation on road?


The transportation industry is heavily regulated and a complex business. There are plenty of things one needs to keep in their mind to avoid violations on road and avoid any kind of hassle.

In a bid to sort out these issues, TXT ELD comes handy and useful as its amazing features will enable the drivers to handle any kind of stressful situation on road.

TXT ELD is hardwired to the vehicle’s engine control module unit, which records the data automatically and as soon as the vehicle is in motion. However, vehicles which do not have an active ELD are susceptible to DOT violations. These violations can not only attract hefty fines but also could do severe damage to the business.

If caught, you may pay a fine or driver may be put out-of-service. If there are serious violations then it will impact the CSA scores, which will have major impact on the business.

Using TXT ELD, one can get away from the hefty fines or out-of-service notice and also it will save your CSA scores. If the CSA score is low, it will attract a lot of on-road inspections and also more interventions from the FMCSA.

It will further impact the insurance premiums or even a denial of coverage in case of any accident of your vehicle with low CSA scores.

Speeding contributes 12.34 percent of total violations while Failure to obey a traffic control device contributes to 6.33 percent of total violations.

Failing to use a seatbelt can attract up to 4.18 percent while Dangerous driving behaviors such as following too closely and improper lane changes can contribute to .98 and .78 percent respectively.

TXT Electronic Logging Device (ELD) has features, which helps the owners to detect over speeding, rash driving, system malfunction, use of phone while driving and can analyze driving pattern to reduce the violations.

TXT ELD maintains an error-free log for Hours of Services (HOS). Once these issues are inspected and analyzed, drivers can be urged to focus on the issues and improve their efficiency. CSA score includes data from recent 24 months.

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