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The TXT Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is in great demand. There are many reasons to it. But one of
the major reasons why our customers are delighted to be associated with us is because we truly
believe in delivering the best at a reasonable price. We are here not just to mint money without
caring about our customers. For us, our customers are everything.

If you go for any ELDs in the market, the manufacturers are going to charge an exorbitant rate and
it does not include the features that we provide you. For instance, any ELD is available at a cost
of around $800 while our product TXT ELD is available for only $400. That saves you 50%.

The device has in-built Global Position System (GPS) Tracking Unit along with Geo-Fencing feature.
This is not included in most of the devices and you will have to spend another $400-$500 for the

The live vehicle GPS Tracking Unit and Geo-Fencing features of TXT ELD helps you to enhance the
scale of your productivity by many manifolds. You can monitor, manage and understand the gaps in
your workforce and focus on the areas that require improvement.

The GPS Tracking Unit is compatible with the vehicles and tracks location accurately. And yes, TXT
ELD is 100% FMCSA compliant.

Using the Geofencing feature, you can create a virtual fence around a specific geographical
location, which you wish to track using the GPS feature. This helps you to identify the assets if it
is inside or outside certain location boundaries.

TXT ELD application keeps a record of all the information for later review. It can set a location
Geo-Fence in any shape or size. The moment any driver from your fleet crosses the boundary of the
Geo-Fence, immediately the device will trigger alert and notifications to the fleet BackOffice about
the fleet whereabouts.


  • Track your fleet through GPS Tracking Unit in real-time
  • Helps you to create a virtual boundary around any geographical location to under the pattern
  • Helps you to understand and improve daily operations
  • Establishes the driver’s accountability
  • Optimize route planning for daily operations
  • Helps you to avoid traffic and take the best alternate route possible for quick delivery
  • Increases fleet productivity
  • Triggers alerts and notifications directly to fleet BackOffice in case of any violation
  • Bird-Eye view at par with Google Maps

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