GPS Tracking: Fantastic Tool for Fleet Companies


GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This technology uses signals transmitted by orbiting satellites to pinpoint a device’s location and determine any movement over time. A GPS tracking system is beneficial to surveillance assets remotely in the fleet industry. The technology gives the record of the position of the asset at regular intervals pinning on the latitude, longitude, ground speed and course direction. The recorded location data is stored within the tracking unit and can be transmitted to a centralized database using a cellular, radio, or a satellite modem embedded in the vehicle unit. The process enables the location of the asset to be displayed against a map backdrop on a real-time basis and can be accessed later for route analysis too.

GPS tracking equipment is widely used now in the fleet industry, and after the ELD mandate, it has become an important aspect. As per the FMCSA ELD rule, the devices installed in a commercial carrier need to replace paper logbooks and have GPS tracking systems equipped in it. The monitoring of assets is one of the crucial aspects of fleet companies. GPS unit helps in tracking the asset location on a real-time basis, which is essential for the fleet companies in their day-to-day operations.

Benefits of GPS and Geo-fencing feature

There are various types of GPS tracking solutions available in the market. The most accurate and reliable GPS tracking is the built-in device that is wired directly into the vehicle and transmits data through a satellite modem embedded unit. Now the Geo-fencing feature is added to the ELD solutions and is available in the market. The fleet companies can achieve the real-time tracking of the assets through this Geo-fencing feature. In this feature, the supervision is possible in a virtually fenced location made up of coordinates (latitude and longitude). The technology helps to track if a vehicle is inside or outside the virtual wall (any shaped and perimeter) and automatically triggers alerts if the carrier enters, crosses the barriers.

The technology helps the fleet companies to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity and have manifold benefits.

  1. The feature ensures that all the resources stay on task through the automated alerts.
  2. This technology gives a clear picture of the fleet locations, estimated arrival of dispatches, delays if any.
  3. Accurate GPS tracking and Geo-fencing prevent vehicle theft and unauthorized access to the vehicle.
  4. The monitoring helps to increase the dispatcher’s efficiency significantly by eliminating paperwork and reducing administrative burdens.
  5. The GPS keeps error-free location-based data on the drivers’ pay-out, dispatch invoicing, etc.
  6. Increases customer satisfaction by efficiently handling the dispatches.
  7. Identify the unproductive areas like delayed and lengthy shipping process where drivers get detained for a more extended period.
  8. The feature can improve route optimization well. With location data and historical data route analyzer, the fleet managers can identify the best route.
  9. Reduce the operational cost by improving fuel efficiency through smart route planning.
  10. It is an excellent tool which helps the fleet owners to keep a vigil on their asset and resource.

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