Things you need to know about ELD Mandate


The final Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate deadline set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration (FMCSA) is approaching on December 16, 2019. But the question one should ask, is your
fleet ready?

The ELD final rule is a part of MAP-21, which went into effect in 2017. The rule was passed in a bid
to ensure the safety of drivers by creating a safe environment and making it easier to track and
manage their duty records.

What is the ELD Mandate?

The FMCSA has certain rules and regulations for the Hours of Service (HOS) that limits the number of
hours a driver can drive in a single day. Usually, the number of hours is recorded manually and
there is no transparency and often the hours of service limit is breached by the drivers. ELD
Mandate makes it mandatory for fleet owners to equip their vehicles with an electronic logging
device to record the duty hours, which aims to cut down on driver fatigue to reduce road accidents.

Why the ELD Mandate is important?

It is believed that driver fatigue is one of the major reasons for road accidents. As per the
mandate, most of the commercial motor vehicles need to have an electronic logging device to keep
track of the duty hours and analyses the driving pattern of the drivers. This will make it mandatory
for drivers to follow the legal limit and help in analysing the vehicle, driving pattern and track
the location of the vehicle and drivers. FMCSA strongly believes that this will help in creating a
safe environment for drivers and it will reduce their load.

What is the ELD Mandate timeline?

The final ELD rule was first published on December 16, 2015, by FMCSA and all vehicles must be ELD
compliant by December 16, 2019.


As per the FMCSA, three groups are exempted from using ELDs.

  1. Drivers who use paper logs for 8 days during a 30-day period
  2. Driveaway-towaway drivers
  3. Drivers of vehicles manufactured before 2000

The FMCSA has also extended the deadline for certain companies:

  1. The United Parcel Service, October 2022
  2. Motion Picture Association of America, January 2023
  3. Truck Renting and Leasing Association, October 2022

The FMCSA strongly believes that the ELD mandate will avoid thousands of road accidents annually and
end up saving billions of dollars as paperwork expenses.

Why TXT?

Finding an ELD can get tricky as there are plenty of vendors but not every vendor is 100% FMCSA
compliant. TXT E Solutions provide ELD at a much reasonable price when compared to other vendors.
Our module is simple. We do not offer a contract that binds you on a long-term basis. We have three
different monthly subscription plans as per the requirement of your fleet.

TXT ELD is a fully embedded Hardwired Mobile Data Terminal Unit, which is connected directly to the
Vehicle Engine Control Module unit. The technology helps in collecting the engine data along with
the location through in-built GPS. This creates an automated log on vehicle motions, hours of
service, location information, driving pattern, driver behaviour, system malfunctions, driver duty
status etc.

The data generated through the device is 100% complaint to the ELD mandate. TXT ELD offers a
complete solution with its hardware and software application by generating accurate real-time data
for fleet companies.

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