Embrace Hardwired ELD Solutions: Enjoy Uninterrupted dataflow


We have entered the age of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD), and the immense potential of these devices can enable the fleet companies to visualize, quantify, and address complex trucking problems through the accurate and real-time data. The fleet companies are adopting the ELD to comply with FMCSA regulations. It is not just a regulatory burden; it could also become a fantastic tool to improve day-to-day fleet operations with the right device.

A cellular-based ELD model is the most common in the market with numerous vendors offering it. This model relies on cellular networks to relay engine data from the ECM unit to the driver’s mobile to trigger an automatic duty status change on the driver’s log. However, this model has several drawbacks. In the case of disruptions of a cellular network in remote areas, the vehicle data will not be possible to send to the driver’s mobile in the absence of interruptions of a cellular network in remote areas. The other reasons for connection disruption are phone calls made, playing music through Bluetooth and other Apps running simultaneously. Thus, the connection drop causes inconsistent data (HOS) recording, and this cellular-based ELDs do not comply with the ELD regulations though they are inexpensive.

ELD that works Uninterruptedly, without Bluetooth or WIFI

Another kind of ELD module available is hardwired and can transfer records directly collected from the Engine Control Module (ECM) unit of a carrier are a fully compliant option. The engine data, along with the updated duty status report, can form a steady data flow. In this case, the dataflow does not depend on Bluetooth or any WIFI hotspot. It has built-in network connections that start working with the engine movement and continues to throw records until the vehicle is on the move. Thus, there is no question of network disruption or connection drop. This ELD module gives the driver flexibility to un-dock the ELD display unit to show records to DOT Officer for inspection whenever required staying connected. The ELD and the ECM synchronize immediately when the driver re-dock it after the review. So, the hardwired ELD module throws an accurate and uninterrupted dataflow, which gives the fleet Backoffice to envision solutions to the entire operations. The hardwired ELD model does not require personal cell phones or data. The possibility of data mishandling is not there, and the drivers don’t have to worry about their data privacy.

The device is capable of being a critical attribute of the rolling resources; including HOS, Drivers’ Behavior Capture, Full Fleet Visibility, Streamline Utilization of Resources, IFTA Tax Reporting, and many more. Additionally, with the vast data information that the ELD device can generate for trucking companies has enormous potential that makes possible the fast growth of the companies.

However, the stakeholders of the trucking industry are still hesitant in leveraging this ELD solution for the daily operations because these models are more expensive than the cellular-based ELD model. The investment is worthwhile compared to the vast potential the Hardwired ELD has.

With more companies make use of ELDs, the drivers will continue to see their benefits. And the trucking industry is sense more accessible and more efficient reporting and subsequently decreased downtime and expenses. The drivers can save money and time while also remaining safer and more effective, and the trucking companies can make their operations more productive.

The ELD system will also continue to develop, making the device applications even more effective and necessary for the management of trucking fleets. The companies can monitor speeding events, idle time, and increase fuel efficiency. The ELD users also see a significant decrease in downtime with better utilization of the vehicle. It will also play a substantial way of preventing crash rates and meet the regulatory compliance requirements, including the IFTA and Drivers Inspection Report.

In this changing mindset of the industry, in the long run, the hardwired ELD adoption will result in a worthy investment. The device records valuable information to streamline operations, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and overall decrease costs for businesses. With new technology impacting almost every industry and changing the way business is done around the globe, the trucking industry is no exception. The use of electronic logging devices is where the future of the trucking and freight industry is headed, improving the safety and productivity of the drivers across the country.

The TXT ELD Solution is hardwired to ECM and is fully compliant. Registered with FMCSA, TXT ELD is the most Dependable, Durable, Accurate, and affordable devices available in the market.

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