What is a CSA score and how it can impact your Fleet Operations?


CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability; an initiative by Federal Motor Carrier Safety
Administration (FMCSA) to ensure safety and prevent road accidents. The score is not made public.
FMCSA uses the Safety Measurement System (SMS) to determine the CSA score.

How SMS works?

The SMS analyses data collected during inspections, from reports and violations. The data is then
categorized into seven groups, which is called Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories

SMS uses this data to compare with other carriers that have a similar pattern, ranks the carriers
and assign a score to them.

Who can see your CSA scores?

CSA score has many components and not all components are made public. It is visible to law
enforcement authorities, insurance companies, shippers and fleet owners; who can use it to measure
the risk factor and ensure safety of a fleet.

Do CSA scores matter?

Carriers with good scores reduces the chances of inspection and the trust factor is more when it
comes to business. A good CSA score will help the company to get more business.

How can it impact your fleet operations?

A bad CSA score can lead to out-of-service orders or hefty fines. Also, companies with low CSA score
will have difficulty in getting business and may suffer a loss in the long term. Insurance companies
can increase or decrease your premiums depending on the CSA score.

How can you improve your CSA score?

TXT Electronic Logging Device (ELD) has features, which helps the owners to detect over speeding,
rash driving, system malfunction, use of phone while driving and can analyse driving pattern to
reduce the violations. TXT ELD maintains an error-free log for Hours of Services (HOS). Once these
issues are inspected and analysed, drivers can be urged to focus on the issues and improve their
efficiency. CSA score includes data from recent 24 months.

What is TXT ELD?

TXT ELD is a fully embedded Hardwired Data Terminal Unit, which is connected directly to the Vehicle
Engine Control Module unit. The technology helps in collecting the engine data along with the
location through in-built GPS. This creates an automated log on vehicle motions, hours of service,
location information, driving pattern, driver behavior, system malfunctions, driver duty status etc.
The data generated through the device is 100% complaint to the ELD mandate. TXT ELD offers a
complete solution with its hardware and software application by generating accurate real-time data
for fleet companies.

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