Amid COVID-19 crisis, TXT continues its support for the fleet industry: Prince Saini, CEO


Corona Virus has spread across the globe and while most of the people are staying indoors as a safety precaution, it is our truck drivers who are battling every day and risking their lives to ensure that there is no delay in the essential services dispatches. We are thankful to all the truckers out there who are sacrificing so much to provide relief amid the crisis.

As little we could do, we are here to inform our customers and truckers that we are putting every effort from our end to ensure that there are no issues that you all have to face amid this crisis.

You all must be aware that the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has come up with an Emergency Declaration suspending the Hours of Services (HOS) for all drivers providing assistance amid the COVID-19 outbreak relief effort. The guidelines can be found here at FMCSA’s Emergency Declaration page.

The health of our truckers is the top-most priority as nothing more matters than your safety and well being. Without you all, the country would not only come to a halt but it will impact the lives of many.

We request you to stay safe out there and keep your health as your priority. Most importantly, keeping your vehicles safe is the need of the hour and thankfully, it is possible to disinfect and kill the virus by preparing your vehicle to be especially clean. It is advisable to use gloves while cleaning and wearing a mask is a must.

Focus on common vehicle touchpoints while cleaning. These touchpoints are important as many people would come in contact and there is every possibility of the virus floating in the vehicle.

Every trucker should ensure that they take proper rest because the country needs you in your top form to battle the on-going crisis.

Although the government has lifted Hours of Services (HOS) restrictions, we request you to still take rest in between.

We want to inform our customers that we continue to provide our 24/7 Multi-language technical support. Our customer support team is always ready to assist you and keep your business running. In tough times like these, the power is in unison.

For any help, reach out to us immediately on our Toll-Free 1-833-TXT-ELOG (898-3564) & WhatsApp number 437-240-6447 or Email us at

For more information, you can access these sites


FMCSA General Emergency FAQs:

CDC COVID-19 Page:

Transport Canada:

American Trucking Associations:

Truckload Carriers Association:

Check out the precautionary measures issued by World Health Organization (WHO):

The health and wellness of our people and those who live in our communities is our first priority. In this critical stage when reliable news become more crucial, it’s our responsibility to do our part to minimise the spread of COVID-19 as best as we can. Stay home stay safe.

Prince Saini

CEO, TXT E Solutions Inc

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