Things you need to know about Canada ELD Mandate:


If you are a truck driver or a fleet owner, you must understand the Canada
mandate and why it is

From reducing administrative costs to preventing errors in logbooks to reducing driver’s fatigue to
creating a safer environment to ensuring good cross-border relations. The
mandate is the next
big thing for the fleet industry.

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) released the final rule outlining the
requirements on June 13, 2019. The fleet industry is expected to adhere to the deadline
of June 12, 2021

While the Canadian
mandate is developed to create a safer environment for drivers but the major
reason is also to improve cross border trade with the United States. Maybe one of the reasons why
the Canadian
mandate is developed on similar lines to the US

Why it is important?

  • A standard process to prevent errors, logbook tampering and harassment of drivers
  • ELD devices must comply with the regulations and to be certified by a third party
  • Doesn’t allow the use of electronic recording device beyond the compliance time of June 12, 2021. No Grandfather Clause, unlike the US
  • Developing good cross-border relations with the US.

Who all are exempted?

  1. Those operating under a permit
  2. Operated by a carrier, which qualifies to the exemption under the Motor Vehicle Transport Act
  3. Subject to a rental agreement of no longer than 30 days
  4. Manufactured before the model year 2000 (referring to the engine mostly)

What are the consequences?

Non-compliance of
mandate will not only attract hefty fines but owners can get out-of-service
orders, which will impact both the fleet owners and the drivers.

What do the data suggest?

  • 83.2% of shipments are domestic and remaining being cross-border shipments to/from the US and
  • About 750,000 heavy trucks are operating in Canada, with 80,000 commercial motor vehicles that
    operate in the US
  • 54,000 owner-operators with 201,108 company drivers
  • About 170,400 truck drivers will get covered under Canada
  • About 300 crashes are reported every year in Canada due to driver fatigue
  • It is assumed that around 10% of crashes reported will be reduced

Data Source: Transport Department of Canada

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