Customize your alerts to minimize risk of delays and break downs with TXT ELD


You must be tired of unnecessary alerts and notifications popping up in your phone/system/email.
Imagine how easy life would become if only you can customize the kind of alerts & notifications you
want to receive. That’s what TXT ELD has to offer.

TXT ELD is a hardwired electronic logging device designed to reduce the burden of fleet owners and
drivers. It records real-time data of Hours of Service (HOS), helps you to track your fleet and
understand any fault in the vehicle. The device is directly connected to the vehicle Engine Control
Module unit and is 100% FMCSA compliant. The best part is that you don’t require Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

You can customize the kind of alerts and notifications you wish to receive about your fleet and it
also gives you an option of editing the already set alerts in future. And it is very easy.

As soon as you log in to our dashboard, there is an option for “Alerts” under the company label. It
has a lot of features including browsing alert history, using tag option to only select fleets you
want to receive notifications for, search the asset using unit number or driver’s name, customize
alerts and notifications.

What are Tags?

Say you have around 100 trucks in your fleet and you only want to receive alerts for 10 trucks.
Using the tag option, you can create a group of those 10 vehicles you wish to receive notification
and set the alert.

Let’s look at the types of alerts and notifications you can

  • Geo-Fencing
  • Over Speeding
  • Harsh Driving
  • Engine Code Defect
  • Violation
  • Unplugged Device
  • Engine Idle
  • Hard Breaks
  • Vehicle Fault
  • Vehicle Battery Level

As we understand, most of the fleet owners only want to receive notifications for their fleet
reaching the designated geographical location. You can just create Geo-Fencing and push alerts for
the same. The moment your fleet enters the virtual geographical fence, immediately you will receive
the alert via email or on the dashboard. And you can customize this also whether you want to receive
the notification on your dashboard or email or both. You can also edit or delete the alerts and
notifications in future if you don’t wish to receive notifications.

Similarly, if you want to monitor the speed of your fleet, driving behaviour, defect, violation etc.
you can select and receive alerts for the same.

What makes TXT ELD better is that it pushes notifications for any kind of system fault and warns you
in advance. This aims to minimize the risk of delays or vehicle break down. It will not only save
you time but also helps you to improve your services and ensure the safety of drivers and your

TXT ELD aims to make the life of fleet owners and drivers much easier and help them to increase
productivity by many manifolds. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today.

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Write to us or call us. The deadline is approaching. TXT offers a 24/7 Multi-Language technical
support team that is always available to help you.



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