5 ways TXT ELD’s GPS tracking can help your fleet operation

5 ways

When we talk about GPS tracking unit, first thing that comes to people mind is its sole purpose is to track and locate the vehicle and driver. What if we tell you, it is just a notion and there are a lot more to it than few dots on the map. TXT ELD’s GPS tracking unit can help your fleet operation not only to locate your vehicles but to improve the day-to-day operation and cut down administrative costs.

Let us see how TXT ELD’s GPS can help your fleet operation:

  • Live Fleet GPS Tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Third Party Tracking Integration
  • Vehicle History Replay
  • Customized Alerts & Notifications

Live Fleet GPS Tracking:

TXT ELD has in-built GPS Tracking unit to locate your fleet at any location and point in time. The GPS Tracking Unit is compatible with the vehicles and tracks location accurately.


Using the Geofencingfeature, you can create a virtual fence around a specific geographical location, which you wish to track using the GPS feature. This helps you to identify the assets if it is inside or outside certain location boundaries.

Third Party Tracking Integration:

TXT ELD gives the fleet managers an option to enable third parties to view the location of the fleet. The fleet owners can give access to their clients in case if they would like to check the real-time location of the fleet for smooth coordination. The fleet managers can use the data of vehicle location in future for better customer services.

Vehicle History Replay:

TXT ELD application keeps a record of all the information for later review. Fleet managers can review the history of past trips and analyze the best and worst roads for the vehicles. This can help the fleet managers to plan the trip for every vehicle in their fleet and plan a smarter route for better dispatch.

Customized Alerts & Notifications:

The fleet managers while monitoring any vehicle of their fleet can set up a virtual boundary and assign real-time alerts back to the office. Once, the vehicle enters the virtual boundary and completes the dispatch work, it will send out a notification back to the office. In case, the driver decides to take another route and comes out of the virtual boundary then it will again send the notification back to the office alerting the fleet managers. This can help the Backoffice for smooth fleet operation. You can customize the kind of alerts and notifications you wish to receive.

During the first quarter of 2019, 140 cargo thefts were reported across US and Canada while there were 592 cargo thefts in the US in 2018. TXT ELD’s GPS Tracking unit can help the fleet managers to prevent vehicle and cargo theft. It will help the fleet managers to track the location of vehicle in real-time and appropriate action can be taken by the authorities. This also helps to prevent unauthorized use of vehicle for personal use or any other reason.

It further helps in eliminating the burden of manual paperwork and phone calls made to drivers by the fleet managers. This will help in reducing the administrative and operational costs of a fleet.

Any ELD available in the market do not comes with an in-built GPS Tracking Unit. The fleet owners have to bear the cost of additional equipment. With TXT ELD, GPS Tracking unit is in-built and that is going to save you at least $300.

So, what are you waiting for? Register with TXT ELD today and improve your fleet operation. TXT ELD Application is now available in English and Spanish language.

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