7 Benefits of ELD compliance

What is the Dashboard camera

ELD devices have now become an integral part of the fleet industry. As per the FMCSA rules, every commercial vehicle must use an ELD device. The fleet owners must equip their vehicles properly. Moreover, this smart device helps in reducing paperwork for the drivers and maintain log hours of services. In the amid of so many brands, TXTELD is connected directly to the vehicle’s engine and keeps control of the module unit. It can be also undocked in case of inspection. This device is capable of managing and reducing downtime. Further, this device will help you in improving the CSA score.

Advantages of ELD compliance are

Reduce workload

TXTELD has several unique features that help in reducing administrative workload. This smart device facilitates in cutting down the useless budgets and also the administrative cost of the fleets. It supports the drivers in flouting the unnecessary turns and long routes. Thus, this will aid you in making your consumer happy as the product will arrive to them on time. Our devices facilitate in running the fleet operation seamlessly and ensuring that data is stored in one place secured. We will also offer dashcam which helps the fleet companies in saving thousands of dollars each month. It helps in identifying the drivers who are idle for too long and frequently.

 Curtail Paperwork

With the introduction of the ELD device, drivers can eradicate the paperwork. Elimination of the paperwork adds more driving time to the driver log and it also supports enhancing productivity.

Identify the bad driving pattern

Well, one of the prime benefits of the ELD device is that you can keep track of the driving behavior. This includes bad driving behavior, excessive acceleration, hard cornering, and hard braking. You can make use of this data to bring improvement in their driving pattern. This device supports in reducing accidents and liabilities.

Automation of IFTA calculation

Another most important benefit of the ELD is the simplification of the IFTA calculation process. At the end of every quarter, the fleets need to file in IFTA reports. This kind of work includes more paperwork, fleets have to assign a lot of resources for IFTA calculation but there remains a chance of human errors. By automating the IFTA calculation you can reduce the administrative burden as well as the operational costs. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the audit risk.

Enhance safety

Well, fleets that are with ELD are significantly safer than those that are without ELDS. As per the FMCSA report, it is found that ELDs have saved almost 26 lives and 562 injuries each year. ELD has unique features that include GPS tracking, efficient route monitoring, and can identify bad driving behaviors. ELD helps in preventing an ample number of accidents.

Improve the CSA score

It is the ELD device that ensures that the driver is not driving more than their Hours of Service. With e-logs, other HOS violations like Form and Manner violation, outdated log violations, and the falsification of logs can be entirely eradicated. Well, fleet managers can make use of the tracking data significantly for reducing the number of accidents.  

Improved profit rate

Well, the lack of administrative burden supports curtailing of the operation expenses. Better insurance rates and decreased liabilities can create a direct positive impact on the balance sheet. With the proper driver management fleets can improve their driver retention rates. This device helps in better route management, monitoring fault coding, and reducing fuel expenses. These ultimately helps in earning greater profit.

TXTELD device helps the fleets in streamlining their operations, enhancing productivity, and maximizing profits. With the help of our device, most of the trucking companies have grown much faster. The right set of data helps in exploring growth opportunities. It is the ELD device that has become more powerful and serves different purposes. If you want to know more about our products and services, please write to us or call us.

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