5 ways to make your driver incorporate Dashcam in their vehicle


Dashcam has now become an integral part of the fleet business. This is one of the most effective technologies that help in improving the safety of the fleet. A recent report states that usage of the dashcam has reduced the maximum safety-related issues in the fleet industry. TXTELD dashcam is helping the drivers in improving their efficiency and well-being. Well, investing in dashcam will help you in greater earning on your investment. Our device will help you in enhancing productivity, gaining peace of mind, protecting drivers, and offering excellent consumer services.

Identify the way to make your driver buy-in dashcam-

Build trust

Firstly, arrange a question and answer session with your drivers before incorporating any kind of hardware. You must create an open forum where the drivers can raise their queries and you make sure that you explain your company safety goals and policies. Thus, this will help the driver to understand the importance of the hardware that you have integrated into the fleet.

Well, maintaining transparency will help in preserving the driver engagement. You must hold a monthly communication meeting with your driver to discuss the changes and seek opinions.

Define the use of technology

A dashcam is meant for enhancing the safety and security of the driver. However, if the drivers are not aware of how this technology works, then they might think that cameras are there to keep an eye on them. Before this misunderstanding occurs, you need to make sure that you explain to your drivers how this can help them in improving their safety. You must make then understand how the footage can be retrieved and who can access it. Therefore, this will give the driver confidence and they will know that nothing about the technology is hidden.  

Provide an example using internal champion

You must show your driver that you are not afraid of using the technology by installing it in your vehicle. Now you need to find out one or two drivers who are very well-known in your fleet group and ask them whether they are willing to install a dashcam in their cabs. For a week when they will experience the dashcam and understand how helpful it is, you need to ask them to share their experience with others. As A Result, this will make the drivers feel secured and they will make use of the technology with ease.

Offer bonuses and incentives

Maximum people conveyed that they work harder when they feel they are recognized. On the other hand, the majority believe that reward makes them feel more engaged with the job. After a few months of incorporating dashcam, you need to arrange for a safety reward program. In this program offer the drivers with bonuses or gift cards, this will not only improve their driving behavior but also make them understand the benefit of the dashcam.

Applaud the footage of cautious driving

Well, if you make use of the dashcam for only teaching the drivers where they are wrong, then they will start disliking it. You should use it also for appreciating their safe driving skills. It is important to reward and appreciate the driver when they are braking to avoid the collision. Ensure that you send a monthly or weekly report to your driving along with the footage to appreciate their driving skills.

TXTELD offers clients with a cloud-based dashcam that helps in enhancing the security of the fleets and drivers. Moreover, it helps the fleet owners in keeping themselves away from any kind of fraudulent. Our device is reliable and offers HD footage. If you want to know about our product and services, please get in touch with us.  

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