3 ways data can streamline your business

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In the transport industry, keeping track of the data is nothing new. Currently, the adaptation rate of the telematics solution is more than 62%. In the era of AI and Big Data, ELD has become an integral part of the fleet business. Day by day the computing power is rising, and the data costs are falling. With cutting-edge technology, it is possible to keep track of many things at a lower price. In TXTELD, we are on the verge of inventing new things that you can apply to your business to enhance its productivity.  

The sensors present in our device will help you in collecting data that will help the fleet owners in streamlining their workflow. Our device will assist in curtailing fuel wastage and making the right utilization of the asset. Our fleet management solution will support you in simplifying the operations and revealing the areas for improving efficiency. The data insights will facilitate the business of different sizes in solving most of their problems. In the recent market, you will find that data is reshaping the fleet industry.

Checkout the ways data is simplifying the fleet business-

Gathering appropriate data

The data you have been collecting might not be completely correct or it can be basic. Inappropriate data will not do any good when you are trying to optimize the profitability of your fleet. Here, where telematics comes into. Telematics hardware is connected directly to the vehicle engine which will help you in getting accurate data. Telematics unit facilities in collecting valuable and actionable data like-

  • Level of Fuel
  • Engine status
  • Machine runtime
  • Hours of Service
  • Driver behavior

GPS More than just a machine location

TXTELD GPS tracking feature helps the fleet owners with real-time information of all the assets. Our device has a Geo sensor which helps in creating a boundary around the jobsites. This feature facilitates you in understanding whether your fleet is within or outside certain boundaries. It helps in reducing your exposure to risk like theft and also saves insurance premiums.

Safety and security

TXTELD Dashcam helps in understanding risky driver behaviors like hard braking, speeding, idling, and sharp turns. Moreover, this data helps in training the drivers and also aids in route planning. It is found that with the installation of this device there has been an improvement in the overall efficiency and a reduction in the number of accidents.

TXTELD has stepped into the market for simplifying the user-friendly interface and smart telematics. Our device has exciting features that will benefit you by enhancing your business through many manifolds. Here, we offer our clients the best solutions to meet business requirements. To know in detail how our product can help you in improving your fleet performance you can write to us or call us.





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