Reduce the fleet operation expenses with TXTELD

Reduce the fleet operation expenses with TXTELD

In this recent scenario, it quite a challenging and uncertain time for the fleet industry. Most of the fleet companies are looking out for ways to reduce operating expenditures. At TXTELD we leverage our effort to help in improving your fleet operations and reducing the extra expenses. Our ELD device helps the fleet companies in ensuring the safety and security of the assets. Moreover, this device has unique features that help in keeping track of the fleet location.

Now find out how ELD will help you in saving your operation cost-

Avoid the detention time

Detention time of the fleets highly becomes a great loss for the fleet business. This automatically created a greater impact on the revenue and driver’s turnover. TXTELD will help you to know your expected wait time prior to the acceptance of a load. With the help of the details, you can start choosing the loads which will result in the shorter detention time and enhance the revenue-generating ability of each truck. Furthermore, whenever the detention time takes place, TXTELD serves the proof that is required for collecting the complete detention pay.

Vehicle diagnostics

Taking vehicles into the shop for maintenance check is pricey, but a sudden breakdown is even more costly. Especially when the vehicle is carrying a huge load and is time responsive. This kind of difficulty includes the cost of tow truck, exterior mechanic labor and parts, loss of bonus, and less revenue. With TXTELD you can monitor the vehicle identify and receive real-time alerts for the small vehicle issues which can be solved before it turns out to be a major one. Based on the mileage, usage, and time you can even kind of vehicle you can set automated maintenance reminders. Thus, this vehicle can service on-time and also can avoid any kind of unnecessary failures or breakdown. TXTELD will help you to become proactive today and save thousands of your money.

Curtail accident risk

Countries now depend highly on the drivers as they play an active role. HOS rules for specific cargo types helps in bringing flexibility to their job. Often some of them push themselves far out of the sense of duty which becomes the cause for the increase in the critical events. Moreover, a large number of critical events give rise to critical events. This happens primarily due to the increase in critical events. Well, a large number of critical events can often get associated with future accidents. Thus, this can increase the huge financial risk. TXTELD helps drivers in identifying drivers who have experienced the highest number of critical events. By monitoring them you will have an idea of how to intercede and assure that the driver gets proper rest that is required.

Reducing fuel cost

Each truck burns almost 1 gallon of fuel every hour of idle time. By including TXTELD as a part of your fleet business for identifying and addressing the excessive idling. With the help of the details, you can coach your driver and reduce their number of critical events and save more fuel.

TXTELD offers a fleet industry with an effective solution that helps them in running their business effectively. This device helps in generating Vehicle Telematics Data, GPS Tracking, Vehicle Visibility, Cloud-based Dash cams, and many others. If you have any other queries about the product, you can call us at 1-905-362- 1716 or email us at Here, our customer team is always available to help you.

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